Democratic Convention 2016

I thought the Democratic Convention was great! For the first time I enjoyed a speech given by Hillary. She was spririted and I trust her to keep the ball rolling. The unity and inclusiveness expressed were a delightful change from the gloom and threatening atmosphere of the Republican Convention. It occurred to me while watching, this could very well be the end of the Republican Party. If Trump loses and I assume he will, where does the Republican Party go from here? Their hold card has been peeped, the racism has been exposed and I don’t think the majority of Americans will go for this unabashed, cynical, hateful approach to America’s future.

As it stands the Republican Party is the White People’s Party and that’s not working in the America of 2016. Let me be clear, everyone voting for Trump isn’t a racist but far too many fall in the category. Too many others are politically apathetic as long as they “get paid.” This is not healthy for America.

The Democratic message was encouraging and gave me hope rather than despair. I’m definitely voting for Hillary even though she was not my first choice. America nor the world would be safe with the Republican candidate at the helm. He’d sink our ship for sure.

What to Write About???

Its one of those days for me, I don’t know what to write about. There is plenty of fodder out there, but I’m not feeling it today. I don’t even feel like writing about Donald the Bump in History Trump. Part of my problem is that I don’t know how to use WordPress fully. I think I’ve messed up already and have things sorta mixed up and messed up on my blog “already!” I’m going to publish this and see where it ends up. Wishing myself success.